Features description of a device is important. Every device has its peculiar features. It is important to know each feature and its function. Hence, there is the need to understand the features so you can use them appropriately to your advantage. Below are the features description and their functions.

Mobile/Self App Tracking
Celtrack mobile tracking

Once you purchase a CelTrack GPS Tracker, you will get a mobile app where you can easily access your dashboard and monitor your vehicles. You cannot download this app from the play store. To get the mobile app, click on this link https://app.celtrack.online. Once you click on it, you will see a sign up form. Provide the right details and sign in. Select “add to home screen” on your browser menu to automatically download the app to your phone.

Real Time Location Update
Real-time tracking

You get instant location information while your vehicle is in motion. You get to view the location of your vehicle(s) via the GIS (Geographic Information System) map nationwide.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Detection
ACC dectection

With this feature, you can control the speed of your vehicle by setting a speed limit to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles ahead.

Anti-theft Vibration Alarm
Alert notification

You get instant alert once your vehicle is out of set location and speed.

Geo Fence Alarm
Feature description

With the geofencing feature, you can set a precise location or locations for your vehicle(s). Once your vehicle(s) is existing the set location(s), you will get an alarm in form of a text message or push notifications.

Power off Alarm/Remote Oil Out

You have the control to decide whatever action you feel to take on your vehicle. If something is wrong, you can choose to cut off power and fuel to the vehicle.

Over Speed Alarm
Feature description

You can set speed restrictions with this feature. Once the speed limit is by passed, the driver gets warning or the vehicle automatically stops.

Remote Listening
Feature description

This feature is very essential because it enables you to listen to conversations made in your vehicle. In the case of car theft, listening to the conversations can assist in recovering the vehicle.

SOS Alarm
Feature description

Drivers can initiate the SOS alarm in case of emergency. You get SOS push alarm on the status of your vehicle(s).

24/7 Support
Feature description

CelTrack customer support is top-notch and so you will always get the necessary assistance you need whenever you need it.

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