In this post, we will briefly discuss fleet management and GPS fleet tracking under these sub-heading:

What is a fleet?

What is fleet management?

Fleet management and GPS

What is a fleet?

A fleet is any group of similar items. It could be vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, and so on or it could be vessels such as ships, boats, planes, and so on.

Now that we have understood the term “fleet”, let’s talk about how it is managed.

What is Fleet Management?

Fleet management is the strategies that fleet managers use to control all fleet and asset data which allows the company lessen expenses, and improve performance.

With fleet management, you can manage private vehicles designated for work (it is called the “grey” fleet), commercial vehicles (cars, trucks, vans), vessels (aircraft, ships), rail cars, non-powered assets (shipping containers, generators, trailers) and so on.

For fleet management to be possible, fleet managers make use of fleet management software which is designed specifically to ease fleet management. With this software, managers can record vehicles and drivers details, schedule both servicing and maintenance, gauge fleet performance through constant reports, import data of fuel transactions, and many more.

Many organizations and establishments that make use of fleet management system include school, logistics, and transport management, amongst others.

It is important to discuss fleet management in relation to GPS fleet tracking.

What is GPS Fleet Tracking?

GPS fleet tracking is a management system that utilizes GPS tracking (both the hardware and software) to surveil the actives of fleet vehicles and assets. It is basically known as vehicle tracking.

This is only possible after installing a GPS tracking device in each vehicle. Real-time data are collected and the manager decides how to work with the data to the company’s advantage.

GPS fleet tracking is a significant aspect of fleet management because, for fleet tracking to be efficient, there is the need to obtain a fleet tracking software that can smartly translate the data provided from the fleet and converts it into an easy reporting dashboard.

Importance of a GPS Fleet Tracking System

With GPS fleet tracking system, fleet managers can:

Pre-defined virtual boundary
  • Manage drivers’ behavior by setting average speed, breaks, choice of gears, and so on; for each driver.
  • Set geo-fencing (a virtual fence) around selected areas and get alert notifications whenever an asset enters and exists a virtual boundary.
  • Get data for mechanical diagnostics such as millage, and fuel consumption amongst others; by connecting to the vehicles, OBD (onboard) computer.

On a final note, before you purchase a GPS tracking device for your fleet, you should consider these factors:

  • The total number of vehicles you intend tracking
  • The cost of purchasing the devices
  • The simplicity of the software. It should be easy to use.
  • The features of the system. The most important features you should look out for are; alert notifications, and mobile responsiveness.

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