GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices

Another name for a vehicle tracking device is a GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking device. A GPS majorly works based on location, by providing information on the actual location.

This GPS tracking system makes use of a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) network which includes a collection of different satellites that utilizes microwave signals that are forwarded to GPS devices to provide information on different components such as location, time, direction, and motor vehicle speed.

GPS tracking systems work in different ways. It is used commercially to record the positions of the vehicles as they move around and some systems retain these data within the GPS tracking system itself; while some systems can transmit the information to a unified database.

Types of Vehicle Tracking Devices

There are different types of vehicle tracking devices but they are categorized into two;

Passive Tracking Device: This type of tracking device retains data on GPS location, speed, time, and sometimes can be used to initiate actions such as open or close door, switch on or switch off-key. To extract the stored data, you have to remove the device from the vehicle and transfer the data into a computer for evaluation. It can also be downloaded automatically through wireless downloads.

Those who make use of this type of device are those who choose to monitor the movement of another person. The device is small and can be hidden easily. Since a passive tracking device stores information, it has a storage limit.

Real-Time Tracking Infographics
Real-Time Tracking Infographics

Active Tracking Device: As for this type of tracking device, it is called a “real-time” tracker because you get to instantly know the exact location of your vehicle since you get to watch the movements of vehicles. This type of tracker is ideal for businesses because business owners get to monitor their fleets and employees.

The features of active tracking devices include geo-fencing and alert system amongst others. This device is usually more expensive than the passive devices.

Most tracking devices in this modern age usually combine both active and passive tracking functions. It connects to a cellular network and then sends data to a server. It can also store the data when there is no network and then transmit it to the server when there is a network.

The importance of vehicle GPS systems include:
  • Giving you direction to unfamiliar places, with the help of maps incorporated into the system.
  • Monitoring each of your vehicles.
  • Regulating and monitoring the speed of your vehicles.
  • Assisting you in locating and recovering stolen vehicles.
  • Simplifying navigation and positioning activities.

A GPS vehicle tracker is indeed an awesome technology that every vehicle owner should utilize. It gives you a certain level of assurance and rest of mind. It ensures you focus on every other thing you have on your list during the day and enjoy your night rest.

Now that you have learned about GPS vehicle tracking, endeavor to make a plan to secure your vehicle. You can check out our pricing to enable you to plan well.