How to install GPS Car Tracker in a Car

Getting your car secured also includes discreetly installing the GPS tracker device in your car. It is advisable to contact the sales company to provide you an installer.

You also need to decide on the type of tracking device you want to install because they are of three types. It’s either you go for the OBD port tracker, battery-powered tracker, or the hardwired tracker. You can contact CelTrack customer care at for more inquiries or assistance in choosing the most suitable for your car. Here are the types CelTrack have to offer you:

The OBD Port Tracker

OBD means Onboard Diagnostic. It usually comes in cars and it functions as a self- diagnostic and reporting system in vehicles. Basically, you are required to locate the OBD port in your vehicle and plug the OBD tracker there. It is easy to install, you do not need an expert to do it for you. You can locate the OBD port below your steering wheel, just above the accelerator pedal. The con of this type of tracker is that it can be located easily and removed by a third party. In case of theft, you may not be able to track your vehicle’s location if the device has been removed.

OBD GPS tracker
The OBD Tracker
The Battery-powered Tracker

Some refer to this type as the portable tracker because it can be installed or placed anywhere of your choice. This tracker makes use of battery and they are of two types; the rechargeable battery type and the removable battery type. The rechargeable battery duration varies according to the brand. Some last for about 2 months. No matter the duration of the lifespan, it must be changed when low. The rechargeable tracker comes with a USB port that enables charging. Just remember to charge the device often so it functions accurately because the power lasts for about 2 weeks.

Portable GPS tracker
The Portable/battery-powered Tracker
The Hardwired Tracker

This type of tracker is hidden because of how it is installed. It is advisable to get an experienced installer to help with the installation. This is so because the installer has to tamper with the car’s electrical wiring. You can’t afford a novice to tamper with it unless you are prepared to spend extra money to correct any error. With this type of tracker, you do not need to worry about battery life. Also, be assured that a third party cannot locate it in your vehicle. Even if they do, they wouldn’t want to tamper with it because it is installed with the electrical wiring of the vehicle.

Hardwired GPS tracker
The Hardwired Tracker

Now that you have known the difference between the three types of a tracker, you should know the one you prefer. So, let’s discuss ideal places you can install any of your chosen type of tracker.

Places to Install a GPS Tracker in Your Car

For the OBD tracker, you can install it in the OBD port of your car. It is located below your steering wheel, just above the accelerator pedal.

For the Battery-powered/Portable tracker, it’s usually magnetic because you can place anywhere. So, you can place it under the car, wheel wells, inside the rear or front bumper, inside the roof carpet, the door glove, the rear windshield, and so on. You can as well device your suitable location.

For the hardwired tracker, remember to use an experienced installer because important wirings will be tampered with during installation. You can install it within the dashboard, under the back seat, or any other suitable area convenient for the installer.

Steps to Install a GPS Tracker in your Car

There are two major steps involved in the installation process of a GPS car tracker. They are:

  1. Hardware Installation: As discussed above, the device installed in your car is the hardware installation. Different types of trackers require different installation processes.
  2. Software Installation: After the installation of the device, the next step is to download the tracking app to enable keep track of your car in real-time. You can ask the vendors to assist you with this aspect. Your device will be activated with a SIM Card and alongside other details requested by the customer representative.
GPS tracker software

Unless you are going for the hardwired tracker, you can easily install your tracking device. I prefer hardwired tracker, which do you prefer? Irrespective of your preference, you can choose to get your tracking device from CelTrack. Here is what our pricing looks like