What are the 5 Must-Have Features of a GPS Tracking Device?

There are different GPS tracking device products in the market. Yes, because there are different manufacturers. This post will guide you to look out for the most suitable device to buy. Irrespective of the manufacturer, any device that has these features I will highlight in this post will be the best for you to purchase.

Live Monitoring

The first reason that makes individuals or companies decide to purchase a GPS tracker is the fact that they can actually keep track of their vehicle 24/7. You must know that any device you purchase must have live tracking capability. That is, you will get a real-time live update that is accurate. If you want to manage a fleet, this is a feature you should consider.

When you are satisfied with your findings, then you can tick that off your list while you search for other must-have features.

Easy-to-use Tracking App
Celtrack Mobile App

The two components of a GPS tracker are hardware and software. The hardware is the GPS device you install in the vehicle while the software is the application you use in monitoring the vehicle. How does this work?

When you purchase a GPS device, the company will activate the device. They will also give you the mobile application with your login details (you can change it if you want). You can use this application on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. The mobile application should be easy to use. You should be able to track your vehicle and carry out other functions with ease, with little or no assistance from the company.

Trip History/Log

A good GPS tracking device should be able to give you a trip log/history. Fleet managers should look out for this feature. With the statistics log, you can control your drivers. You will know the distance they distance, the routes they take, their speed, and so on.

As a parent, you can control your child(ren)’s driver. You can also monitor your teenage child(ren) driving. Also, if you operate a logistics company, you can keep track of your dispatch drivers/riders and ensure they deliver packages in due time.


For your real-time tracking to be efficient, you will have to constantly get notifications. There are many things you get notifications/alerts for. For instance, if you set a geo-fence, you will get notifications each time your vehicle is entering or exiting a set boundary.

You can get maintenance alerts such as oil shortage, or any other critical/warning alerts.

Forceful contact on your vehicle will trigger alerts. You will get alerts that may suggest theft and it will prompt you to act fast. Getting these notifications/alerts will you control over your vehicle and give you assurance for retrieving your car in case of theft.

Geo Fence
Virtual Boundary

A geo-fence is a virtual border for a real geographic area. It could be set to a specific boundary or boundaries such as neighborhood boundary, office boundary, school boundary, and so on. Read more on geo-fence.

Now that I have highlighted these 5 must-have features of a GPS tracking device, what is the next step? Do you just proceed to make payment or what? I will advice you confirm these features.

How do you confirm this? Simply ask the sales representative about the device and do not stop at that. Make efforts to do your own research by reading the device’s manual, ask for customer reviews.

A trusted company like Celtrack will always guide you in choosing the best device for your vehicle. Check out our pricing.