What is Real-time GPS Tracking?

Real-time GPS tracking is also called active tracking. This is so because you get instant information on the live location of the object you are tracking.

You may be wondering how right?

Real-Time Tracking Infographics
Real-Time Tracking Infographics
How Does Real-time GPS Tracking Work?

Remember it established that a real-time tracker is also an “active” tracker. Basically, there are two parties involved in the tracking process. The user (the one who monitors the device) and the object (the one/thing that bears the installed tracking device). The tracking is possible when the system sends constant data about the object to the user; such as live location, speed alert, geofencing alert, and remote listening.

What is your next question?

How to use real-time GPS tracker?

To use a real-time GPS tracker, simply locate a GPS tracking company or contact us at hello@celtrack.online or on any of our social media pages at https://twitter.com/celtrackng, https://www.facebook.com/celtrackng, and https://www.instagram.com/celtrackng.

Purchase the device and get it activated with a SIM card. Once installed in your vehicle, you can use the provided tracking software to start tracking. You can also put it on animals (pets or livestock), cargo, and anything you wish to track.

Now that you know how to use it, let’s talk about the benefits.

Benefits of Real-time GPS Vehicle Tracker

I know you are already guessing some of the benefits of a real-time GPS tracker, I will just confirm your guess with these listed points.

  1. Theft Recovery: Due to its anti-theft response effectiveness, stolen cars can be easily recovered. With features like real-time GPS location, you get an accurate live location. The wired GPS tracker comes with the “off engine” feature you can easily turn off the car’s engine to prevent further movement. You can also listen to the ongoing conversations in your car with the “remote listening” feature.
  2. Vehicle Tracking Convenience: There is no technical process for monitoring your car. You can be anywhere and still use the software on your mobile devices to monitor your vehicle. The car’s position is accurate and so is the movement. If you own fleets, it will be easier for you to monitor all at a go. You can control your drivers driving behavior and cut unnecessary costs such as frequent vehicle repair and buying of fuel.

You can actually get more benefits from a real-time tracker depending on the device’s model. Ensure you get the active tracker (real-time) and not the passive tracker. Ask questions if you are not sure. To save you the stress of asking questions, just contact us at CelTrack. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can also check out our pricing https://celtrack.online/pricing/.