In an era where car theft is inevitable, owning a car rental company without a GPS system is not a good idea. People may come in the guise to rent one of your cars and end up not returning it or cook up stories such as armed robbery related case.

Owning and managing a car rental company is not easy but it can be easy for you with the help of a GPS tracking system. Reasons why your car rental company needs a GPS tracking system include:

1. Real-time Tracking

A GPS tracking system will give you access to track all of your cars in real-time. With the advancement in technology, tracking can be done worldwide. If you have a client who is defaulting in returning your car, you can always track the car and retrieve it.

In case of theft, you already know the location of the car, involve the right authority and recover it.

2. Geofencing

You can set up a virtual fence/boundary. Setting a geofence will trigger alerts when your car(s) is entering and exiting that boundary. Receiving alerts will enable you to act fast.

3. Setting Speed Limit

You wouln’t want to incure unnecessary car(s) repair. It is adviseable to set a speed limit so to avoid stories that touches the heart.

4. Easy Management

With all your cars in one tracking system, you can easily manage them. On one single page, you get to monitor all activites of your cars. If you have a more advanced system, you can get maintenance alerts that will notify you when it’s time for maintenance.

Decide to make life easy for yourself by getting a GPS tracking system for your cars. Start with Celtrack today, our prices are affordable. Also, contact us using the contact page to make more inquiry